The Phoenix Attachment System w/ Phoenix Top Plate

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*** PLEASE visit the our Discord if you have ANY questions about this product, BEFORE you place your order. We want to make sure you order exactly what you need. *** 

The Phoenix Attachment System, simply known as the "Phoenix" is the ultimate way to attach devices to your Predator Desk/Table Mounting System. This Phoenix Attachment System item comes with your choice of the Phoenix Top Plate or Phoenix Top Plate Plus as the mounting option (We also have 2 other mounting options available - please see our Phoenix S.P.A.R. and Phoenix S.W.A.R.M listings).

The Phoenix also comes with your choice of one (1) Phoenix Attachment Plate that is used to attach the specific corresponding device to your Phoenix. Each supported device has a specific corresponding Phoenix Attachment Plate, and some plates can support multiple devices, just not at the same time. Also, some Phoenix Attachment Plates come with 3d printed parts or holders, depending on which device you select. All the hardware required to mount your specific device, is included in this package, including the allen wrench. 

The Phoenix Top Plate/Top Plate Plus is equipped with a threaded center hole that is used to mount your Phoenix. It's as simple as swapping your current Mount Top Plate/Top Plate Plus, to the Phoenix Top Plate/Top Plate Plus, and then using the attachment thumbscrew to mount your Phoenix. Once mounted, just attach your Phoenix Attachment Plate, and 3d printed parts/holders (if applicable) that were included with your plate, and secure your device to the Phoenix Attachment Plate with just two (2) screws! That's right, two (2) screws, and you can swap plates at your leisure. In fact, it's the ONLY time you need a tool after installation. Everything else, is adjusted by finger screws. So you spend less time looking for a tool to adjust something, and more time in the game! This item ONLY contains: one (1) Phoenix Attachment System, your choice of one (1) Phoenix Top Plate or Phoenix Top Plate Plus, and your choice of a Phoenix Attachment Plate.

*** This product comes with your choice of one (1) Phoenix Attachment Plate. However, Phoenix Attachment Plates are also sold individually as well. ***

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