Predator Horizontal Offset Bracket Set

Color: Silver - Hunter Series
Sale price$32.00


Sometimes, you may need to be able to move a mounted device a little off center. Or alot off center.  Love that favorite corner desk, but the angle that regular desk mounts put your sticks or throttles, just won't cut it?

Not anymore - now you can offset any device mounted on a Predator Desk/Table Mount up to 90 degrees, left or right. 

The Predator Horizontal Offset Bracket set works with your existing Predator Desk/Table Mount, so that you can place your devices in the most ergonomical position possible. Whether canted 7 degrees off-center, to 45 degrees for corner desks, or even a full 90 degrees, it's whatever fits your playing style best.

Each set comes with two (2) brackets (top and bottom), a 2.25" horizontal support beam, and all hardware required to assemble. You will transfer your existing anchor fasteners from your existing horizontal beam, to the 2.25" horizontal support beam, and then use your existing horizontal beam as your pivoting horizontal beam.

(*** This item requires an EXISTING Horizontal Beam and anchor fasteners from a Predatoe Desk/Table Mounting System. The 7" Horizontal Beam show in the pictures is for reference purposes only ***)

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