Predator MousePad Attachment

Color: Hunter Series
Sale price$79.00


This MousePad Attachment securely connects to any of our Predator Desk/Table Mounting Systems that we we offer! By using an Anchor Fastener on the top side, and a double T-Nut L-Bracket underneath the CrossBeam, we've ensure the most secure connection possible, while still leaving room for other attachments.

It comes with a MousePad Attachment Plate (300mm wide x 220mm width - usable surface area), a 7.5" CrossBeam that attaches to a pre-existing mount, a 7" Horizontal Support Beam, and all the hardware necessary for assembly and attachment to an existing mount. This attachment can adjust vertically (full length of the vertical beam of the attached mount), horizontally (left or right on the 7.5" CrossBeam), forwards and backwards on the 7" Horizontal Support Beam, and the MousePad BasePlate can swivel 30 degrees left or right, allowing for a full range of adjustability. Each Predator MousePad Attachment can be used for a left or right side attachment. We also have the Base Plate B option now available for those that need a smaller footprint, ideally for use with gaming keypads such as the Razer Tartarus and others.

Whether you just need to get your gaming mouse closer to your flight stick, or your gaming half-keyboard closer to your throttle, you can't go wrong with this attachment. Custom options are available, such as a shorter/longer CrossBeams or Horizontal Beams.

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