VerticalPlus Ultimate Control Package

Color: Hunter Series
Sale price$66.00


***This is an UPGRADE Package - please read below before ordering***

This package is specifically in addition to the Predator VerticalPlus Desk/Table Mount. By adding this package to your order, you will receive a 9" Horizontal Beam (2" longer than the regular 7" beam), two (2) Predator Stability Brackets that help stabilize the mount, especially when using the longer extensions on your stick, and your base plate will be drilled with an additional two (2) center drilled holes, giving you 4 points of contact to the horizontal beam (Select Device Base Plate). This will ensure that your flight stick w/ extension, will not cause any movement or flex in any of the components of the mount. 

 (*You must order this at the same time as a VerticalPlus Mount - this package upgrades the components in the VerticalPlus Mounting System. If you already have a VerticalPlus Mount, contact me to see about getting these components.)

** This is an additional upgrade made specifically for the Predator VerticalPlus Desk/Table Mounting system, but it will work with any of the Predator Desk/Table Mounting systems in production. However, you will not notice hardly any difference in using this package, with a regular Predator Desk/Table mount, as that system will rarely have any flex or deflection. This is specifically designed to counter the extra flex and deflection that is produced from a flight stick with an extension over 100mm. 

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