10 Series Pivot Hinge - (T-Knob Optional)

Color: Silver (Hunter Series
Sale price€16,95


This 10 Series Pivot Hinge can be used in many different situations, which will allow you to add a hinge to any area where 10 Series Extrusions are connected together. They are meant to be used on a 1010 Series (1" x 1") Extrusion beam, but two can also be used inconjunction on a 1020 (1" x 2") Extrusion beam to create a "hinge" as well. This item includes one (1) Pivot Hinge, eight (8) removable end tabs,  and the necessary mounting hardware and allen key to connect each end to the channel or end of a 10 Series Extrusion Profile.

The T-Knob is optional, and not required, but it comes in handy not having to look for an allen key or wrench everytime you want to adjust the hinge - just use your fingers!

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