Black Cable Management Mount Clip [10 series] w/ Zip Tie

Sale price€1,95


This new and improved Cable Management Mount Clip doesn't require any tools to install or use! That's right, no need for an allen wrench to install this little guy! Just slide the mount clip into any channel on your horizontal or vertical beams, move to the desired location, and give this clip a quarter turn, and it's locked in! It can be placed on the side, underneath, on the rear, or anywhere you decide to place it inside one of the channels. A zip tie is required to secure your cables to this clip, so we've included one with your order. One (1) black zip tie is provided with each clip. If you require more than 1 zip tie, any local hardware store, home improvement store, or can provide them for very cheap. If you have any questions, please ask before you purchase.

Note: This item comes with: (1) Mount Clip  &  (1) black Zip Tie. No tool is required for installation.

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