Phoenix Pathfinder

Color: Black (Stalker)
Sale price€22,95


So you just finished  installing your new APEX Predator Tracker Rail System, and you're wondering how you are going to attach your Phoenix's?

Well the wondering part is over! Introducing the all new Phoenix PathFinder. Designed specifically to attach to any of our Predator Desk/Table Mounts. This little extrusion based bracket seemlessly attaches to the front side of an existing mount's vertical beam. It consists of two separate pieces of 10 Series extrusion (a 2.25 inch [57mm] horizontal beam with counterbores for anchor fasteners, and a 3.5 inch [89mm] vertical beam), two (2) 3-Hole "L" Brackets (color matched with beams) and all necessary hardware to assemble and connect to your existing mount.

When installed on a Predator/Desk/Table Mount that has been converted to a rail mount, the PathFinder creates attachment points for the Phoenix Top Plate/Phoenix Top Plate Plus, the Phoenix S.P.A.R., and/or the Phoenix S.W.A.R.M., any of which will allow you to attach a Phoenix Attachment System. 

*** The Phoenix PathFinder is meant to be used with a Predator Desk/Table Mount that has been converted and inserted into the rails of an APEX Predator Tracker Rail System. Please take into consideration that the PathFinder will sometimes present clearance issues when pushing a flight stick all the way forward. Because of this, we recommend using at least an 8" Horizontal beam on any mounts that have a flight stick installed. However, an 8" beam may not be long enough. We recommend taking measurements before ordering, so that if you do need to order an extended horizontal beam, you will be able to include that with your order. No one likes to purchase something, then realize they need to purchase something else just to make it work. Remember, if you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to contact us through our Discord Server, email, or phone.***

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