T-Slot T-Nut (1/4"x20 Thread) for 10 Series (6mm) Extrusion

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These T-Slot T-Nuts are compatible with 1/4”-20 threaded screws, such as the imperial screws we have here on our website. The T-Nut’s are required to secure the Predator Mount Base Plate (included with the purchase of a Predator Mounting System) to the horizontal beam of the Predator Desk/Table Mount. The toggle clamp that attaches to the rear of the vertical beam of the Predator Desk/Table Mount also uses two of these T-Nuts. The Grappler and GrapplerPlus attachments, also require 4 of these for attachment to the vertical beam.

 Note: These are intended as replacement or spare parts. All required hardware for assembly of a Predator Mounting System is included with the purchase of the Predator Mounting System.

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