The Predator Desk/Table Keyboard Mount - Stalker Series

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This is the Stalker Series variant of our signature Predator Desk/Table Keyboard Mount. With so many different sized keyboards on the market, we understand the need for different sized keyboard mounts! Whether you have a 60% mini keyboard, a tenkeyless (TKL) sized keyboard, or a full sized pro gaming keyboard, we've got just what you need. All or our keyboard plates are 240mm deep [9.4"]. Our Large Keyboard variant is the biggest keyboard mount on the market measuring in at 500mm [19.6"] width. You'll be hard pressed to find a keyboard that this bad boy won't accommodate. Our Medium Keyboard variant sports a 400mm [15.7"] wide base plate, perfect for a tenkeyless sized keyboard. And our Small Keyboard variant is our most compact model, with just a 300mm wide [11.8"] base plate. Perfect for those 60% mini keyboards. 

And now we are offering multiple length vertical beams at NO EXTRA CHARGE! That's right, you can now select from our Standard 11.5" [292mm] Vertical Beam, our Small 9" [228mm] Vertical Beam, our Compact 6" [152mm] Vertical Beam, and our Ultra Compact 4" [101mm] Vertical Beam (Rail System Only - see below).

NOTE: We are now offering different sized vertical beams at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Be sure to select the desired Vertical Beam Length. Also, the 4" Vertical Beam Length will ONLY work with the APEX Predator Tracker Rail System. If you are not connecting this mount to the APEX Predator Tracker Rail System, the 4" Vertical Beam will be TOO short to install and actuate the toggle clamp.

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