Predator Mounts "FF" Series Base Plates

These are the all new, "FF" Series Base Plates from Predator Mounts. These plates are specifically designed and cut for each individual flight stick or throttle that they are named for. The "FF" stand for Form Fitting, and means that these base plates, when mounted to their intended flight stick or throttle, give you a flush mounted base on three sides: Left, Right, and Backside. The front of this plate still contains the two (2) holes required to attach the base plate securely to the horizontal beam of the Predator Desk/Table Mount, and for that reason, the plate is not flush on the front side. More devices will be supported in the very near future. Our intention is to have every device we support, to also have an "FF" series base plate. Once an "FF" Series Base Plate is made public, for example the VKB Gladiator NXT "FF" Series Base Plate, the "FF" series base plate will come STOCK on all mounts for that device.

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