** NEW ** 5/32" Ball End Allen Wrench

Sale price$1.25


This is the new 5/32” Ball End Allen wrench, which makes it much easier to loosen or tighten allen head screws, than the older model. This wrench is used to assemble all of the screws and bolts on the Predator Mounting System and any attachments to the mount itself. For mounting your Flight Stick or Throttle to the actual base plate, you will need a phillips head screwdriver. One 5/32” Ball End Allen wrench is included with the purchase of every mount, so you will not need to order one if you are purchasing a mount or attachment.  Also, please look at our 9" T-Handle Allen wrench, which makes assembling the Predator Mounting Systems much easier and faster.

Note: These are intended as replacement or spare parts. All required Hardware for assembly of a Predator Mounting System is included with the purchase of the Predator Mounting System.

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