Toggle Clamp Foot

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We have two versions of Toggle Clamp Feet, as we recently upgraded our Toggle Clamp to a 5/16" thread diameter and a 1" foot diameter. The Toggle Clamp Foot inserts into the toggle clamp that secures a Predator Desk/Table Mount to a desk or table. It allows the user up to 1 inch of movement for minor adjustments when placing the 600lb Toggle Clamp.  The foot is made of a plastic and rubber polymer in order to provide with a secure grip when properly clamped.

 Note: Please select the correct Toggle Clamp Foot that corresponds with the Toggle Clamp that you have on your mounts (Red handle = 8mm, Blue Handle = 5/16") These are intended are replacements or spare parts. All required hardware for assembly of a Predator Desk/Table Mount is included with the purchase of a Predator Desk/Table.

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