Desk/Table Mount Toggle Clamp

Sale price$18.50


Meet our new Toggle Clamp! Besides coming with our signature Predator Purple handle, it has a larger diameter clamp foot, which allows a secure and stable locking/clamping ability. This toggle clamp is used to securely attach the Predator Desk/Table Mount to the desk or table, and acts as a rear support brace on mounts attached to our APEX Predator Tracker Rail System. It is rated for up to 600lbs and mounts on the rear side of the vertical beam. It uses an upward motion to lock the clamp into place on the underside of your desk or table.  This clamp can be moved along the vertical beam of a Predator Mounting System for major adjustments. And the toggle clamp foot  can be used for minor adjustments, in order to get the maximum grip on the desk or table. Replacement Toggle Clamp Feet (5/16" are also available, so that you don’t have to purchase the entire clamp, if you only need the clamp foot. This product comes with (1) Toggle Clamp with pre-installed toggle clamp foot, pre-drilled holes and the necessary hardware to attach this clamp to any 10 series aluminum extrusion beam. This clamp is NOT compatible for 40 series aluminum extrusion. 

 Note: These are intended as replacement or spare parts.  All Predator Mounting Systems include a toggle clamp with a toggle clamp foot that is pre-attached to the Vertical Beam(s).

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