Predator Desk/Table Mount - Hunter Series

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Our Predator Desk/Table Mounts utilizie silver anodized aluminum beams that offer superior strength when compared to other materials. The 1” x 2” profile that we use to manufacture our mounts ensures durability, without compromising quality. The vertical beam starts at the surface of the desk or table, and descends 11.5 inches below, which allows a full 10  inches of height adjustment. Now, we've also given you the ability to select a longer than normal horizontal beam. The base plate attaches to the horizontal beam, and allows anywhere between 5 and 7 inches of movement away from the edge of the desk. These mounts can support up to a 4” [100mm] flight stick grip extension. The oversized 7mm plate mounting holes allow for up to 30 degrees of swivel movement to either side, give you the ability to precisely adjust you device in any position you see fit. Our desk mounts ensure the most ergonomical way of connecting your device to a desk or table.

The “Hunter” series features a silver and black color scheme to pay homage to the wolf, one of nature’s finest hunters. With the ability to hunt continuously for days makes this predator a serious adversary for any prey it sets its sights on. Whether you’re a lone wolf, or like to hunt in a pack, this series is perfect for both.

Please select the device you will be mounting and the length of horizontal beam. All of our mounts come with a top plate, that has a preinstalled rubber grip pad to help protect the surface of your desk or table, a laser cut, powder coated base plate to secure your flight stick or throttle to the mount, and all mounting hardware kits required to assemble your mount. The toggle clamp foot should be installed on a flat plane underside of the desk. If your desk has an incline, decline or bevel, you will need to avoid that area. Also, we’ve included an 5/32 allen wrench to help with assembly. 

In the future, should you upgrade your flight devices, you will only need to purchase the base plate that corresponds with your new device to attach it to the mount you’ve already purchased. If you require just a base plate, or replacement top plate, please check under our Predator Mounting Plates section.

Note: Please look carefully when choosing your device's name, as some devices have very similar names, for example, the Winwing Orion Flight Stick and Winwing Orion 2 Flight Stick. 

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