The Predator Desk/Table MousePad Mount - Stalker Series

Sale price$98.50


This is the Stalker Series variant of thePredator Desk/Table MousePad Desk/Table Mount. It has 300mm x 220mm (11.8" x 8.6") of usable area and fits most regular-sized mousepads. The Predator MousePad Base Plate is powder coated with a textured black finish so as to provide a non-skid surface for your mouse. It can be used in conjunction with a mousepad, or the textured black surface can act as your mousepad! The textured black powder coat finish provides all the optical variances your mouse needs to give you the fastest and most accurate movement. And now, our Predator Desk/Table MousePad Mounts come with an your choice of vertical beam length, and our standard 7" horizontal beam, which provides up to 5 inches of horizontal adjustability.

NOTE: We are now offering different sized vertical beams at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Be sure to select the desired Vertical Beam Length. Also, the 4" Vertical Beam Length will ONLY work with the APEX Predator Tracker Rail System. If you are not connecting this mount to the APEX Predator Tracker Rail System, the 4" Vertical Beam will be TOO short to install and actuate the toggle clamp.

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