Predator Mount "FF" Series Base Plate

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These are the new "FF" Series Predator Mount Base Plates. The "FF" represents Form Fitting. They are manufactured from 1/8” heat treated, aluminum plate stock. Each base plate is powder coated with a textured black paint that not only protects the plate from damage, but also acts as a non-skid surface for mounting your device. Each "FF" Series base plate is custom made for one specific throttle or flight stick. and comes complete with all the mounting hardware required to securely attach the selected device to the base plate. These plates are designed to mount to any 10 series (1”x 2”)  aluminum extrusion profile. So whether you purchase a mount from us, or design your own with compatible beams, you’re good to go.

*** If you have ordered a Predator Mounting System, and the device you selected, has an "FF" Series Base Plate, you will receive the "FF" Series Base Plate with your mount. There is no need to purchase this plate as an extra - it will come with the Predator Desk/Table Mounting System if there is an "FF" Series plate for the device that you have selected.

Note: A Predator Mount Base Plate  or Predator Mount "FF" Series Base Plate, and all required mounting hardware come with each Predator Mounting System. If there is an "FF" Series Base Plate for the device you selected, you will receive the "FF" Series Base Plate with your mount. These are meant for replacement plates or if you are upgrading your device to a different flight stick or throttle. If you are upgrading your flight stick or throttle, and want to mount it to an existing Predator Mounting System (Desk/Table Mount or Gaming Chair Mount), just select the base plate that corresponds with your new device.

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