Predator VerticalPlus Desk/Table Mount - Stalker Series

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*** All Predator Mounting Systems now come standard with our signature "Form Fitting" (FF Series) base plates, or our FF-Ultimate Control base plates if applicable. Now YOU have the ability to select the length of your horizontal beam! A minimum 9" length is recommended for our VerticalPlus Mounting System. ***

The Predator VerticalPlus Desk/Table Mount - Stalker Series, are almost identical to our standard Predator Desk/Table Mount, but come with an 18" vertical beam, and your choice of a longer horizontal beam. The anodized aluminum structure beams offer superior strength when compared to other materials. The 1” x 2” profile that we use to manufacture our mounts ensures durability, without compromising quality. The vertical beam starts at the surface of the desk or table, and descends 18 inches below, and gives the horizontal beam a full 17 inches of height placement. The base plate attaches to the horizontal beam, and allows you to move the device either towards, or away from the edge of the desk. These mounts can support most flight stick extensions. If you are considering a center mounted flight stick with an extension, then the VerticalPlus model is definitely the way to go. The oversized 7mm plate mounting holes allow for up to 30 degrees of swivel movement to either side, and gives you the ability to precisely adjust your device in any position you see fit.

The “Stalker” series presents the infamous black on black color scheme, and is credited to one of the fiercest night stalkers alive, the panther. One look at this mount, and it’s easy to image this predator blending in with the shadows, sleeking through the night, to make quick work of it’s prey. For those that prefer that stealthy look, the “Stalker” series is the way to go.

Please select the device you will be mounting and the length of horizontal beam. All of our mounts come with a top plate, that has a preinstalled rubber grip pad to help protect the surface of your desk or table, a laser cut, powder coated base plate to secure your flight stick or throttle to the mount, and all mounting hardware kits required to assemble your mount. The toggle clamp foot should be installed on a flat plane underside of the desk. If your desk has an incline, decline or bevel, you will need to avoid that area. Also, we’ve included an 5/32 allen wrench to help with assembly. 

Note: The minimum recommended horizontal beam length for the VerticalPlus Mounts is 9". So we've upgraded everything and are giving you the ability to select more options should you desire.

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