The Phoenix S.P.A.R.

Color: Hunter Series (Silver Beams)
Sale price€12,95


**The Phoenix S.P.A.R. is ONLY the mounting rail and hardware. The Phoenix Attachment System is purchased SEPARATELY! - If you have any questions, please ask on our Discord Server BEFORE you purchase.**

The Phoenix S.P.A.R. (Single Protruding Arm Rail Mount) is a mounting kit that attaches to the side of vertical beam of an existing Predator Desk/Table Mount. It is a 1"x1" aluminum extrusion rail, 7.5" [192mm] in length, and comes in either silver (Hunter Series) or black (Stalker Series). The Phoenix S.P.A.R. comes with all necessary brackets and hardware for attachment, and allows the user to move his or her Phoenix Attachment System left or right, in the top side channel, up to the full length of the beam. When attached to the side of the vertical beam of any Predator Desk/Table Mounting System, you will have the ability to slide your Phoenix Attachment System the entire length of the beam. It is most effective when placed directly even with the surface of your desk, but has several other configurations below the surface, that can be used as well. Realistically, the only limitation you have, is your own creativity!

After connecting your Phoenix Attachment System with your desired device attached to it, you will be able to move them in concert, left or right in the top channel of the S.P.A.R, rotate the device 360 degrees, and tilt the device up to a 60 degree angle. This system allows for exact placement and pitch of your device. Versatility and adjustability are at your finger tips. 

If you intend to use this mounting kit with your Phoenix Attachment System, at a height lower than the surface of your desk, be sure to check for any clearance issues you may experience first (depending on the choice of device/Phoenix Attachment Plate).  The Phoenix S.W.A.R.M. may be better suited to your application, due to the ability to "swing" one of it's beams away from your desk, allowing for more adjustability.

*** This product ONLY includes the Phoenix S.P.A.R. mounting kit. All other devices, included the Phoenix Attachment System, are sold SEPARATELY! If you have any questions, PLEASE ask on our Discord BEFORE you purchase. Thank you!!

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